KOBE concrete lamps


Pendant concrete lamps. Hand casted concrete shades. Available in three shapes and ten colours.

KOBE 1     more photos

Diameter: 20cm, Height: 19cm

Weight: ~ 1,5kg

KOBE 2     more photos

Diameter: 19cm, Height: 29cm

Weight: ~ 2,0kg

KOBE 3     more photos

Diameter: 27cm, Height: 21cm

Weight: ~ 2.3kg


Technical details

How to buy our lamps?


Make Your lamp truly unique and give it Your personal touch!

Please select from the various options below:

Shade colour

100% hand casted and individually painted.

The lamp shades unfold their ultimate unpredictable colour finish after a drying period of 30 days. Each lamp is unique in its kind – its surface texture, tone and colour – a small piece of art!

Please choose Your lamp colour from our basic tones or decorative finishes:

Base colours

natural / grey / anthracite / black / chocolate

Decorative finish

salt&pepper / olive grey / rusty grey


Choose the power cable colour and type from over 50 different options:

    • polyester braiding
    • cotton braiding
    • metallic braiding
    • twisted power cables

Find out more about cable options


Adapt the ceiling rose to Your lamp shade colour.

Find out more about the possible ceiling rose options

Lamp components

As diverse as Your taste – for the metallic finish pick from: steel, brass or copper.