Decorative bulbs

A broad selection of Vintage incandescent and Vintage LED light-bulbs. Halogen and LED light sources.

Looking for some exceptional and remarkable lighting? In our broad offer You will wind a wide selection of decorative lighting bulbs. The Vintage selection inspired by the first Edison bulb designs will fit into even the simplest lamps, to make Your interior project truly unique.

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Our Vintage selection consists of the following models:

Edison ST64 vintage bulb BR95 Vintage Loop lightbulb Żarówka ozdobna Mango ED75 Straight Żarówka dekoracyjna Globe 80 Spiral Globe 80 Straight vintage light-bulb Globe 80 Vintage Loop retro light-bulb Globe 95 Spiral vintage light-bulb Globe 95 Straight vintage light-bulb Globe 95 Vintage Loop retro light-bulb Globe 125 Spiral vintage light-bulb Globe 125 Straight vintage light-bulb Globe 125 Vintage Loop Standard A60 Spiral Standard A60 Straight Standard A70 Vintage Loop Tube T45 Tube T180 Tube T230 Tube T300



Energy saving and environmental friendly LED bulbs with the 20 000 life span.

Globe 95 LED 2W Żarówka dekoracyjna Globe 95 LED 4W Globe 125 LED 2W Żarówka dekoracyjna Globe 125 LED 4W Tube 135 LED Bulb Tube 185 LED Bulb

Decorative Halogen bulbs – a source of bright and clean light:

Globe 95 Halogen Globe 125 Halogen Edison ST64 Halogen