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Polyester braided cables

Brightest colours and largest colour palette. Easy to keep clean and hard to wore down. Most popular option to give a special look to your lighting designs!

Cotton braided cables

Vintage braiding made of 100% cotton. Gentle matte tones of braiding makes them a perfect match for simple concrete lamps and mellow interior designs.

Linen braided cables

Special braiding made from genuine linen or mixed up with cotton, to get you the most beautiful cable designs. Highest Italian quality. Keep up with the hottest trends!

Brocade cables

Brocade colours that makes the cable shine.

Choose a cable for your lamps!

For the Beza, Fiora and Morf lamps there is an option to change the default white cable – to the colour braided cable from our colour palette. It costs 6€ net for a lamp.

All concrete pendant lamps have a colour cable in default option – please state the cable colour when ordering. For an extra price we can change the power cord for the special ECO cable.

Our base palette consists of over 30 colours of polyester braiding. The following colours are always an available option for our lamps: pink, violet, deep violet, red, wine red, brick, brown, orange, yellow, sand, lemon, olive, pistachio, mint, bottle green, turquoise, blue, denim, sky blue, white, grey, dark grey, black, “pepitka” cables, mix cable and the birch tree option.

Our offer consists also cotton braided cables in a few base colours like: black, red, grey, dark grey, ivory and khaki. Our new product are special linen and cotton-linen braided cables which are shown just above.

Be sure to check our recommended cable setup for concrete lamps, if You are looking for a perfect match with the shade.

Please contact us if we want to know more about the cable ordering options.

This is how our lamps look with different cable colours:

Beza lamps with braided colour cables
Beza lamps with braided cables /yellow, sky blue, pink/

Fiora lamp with yellow cable
Fiora lamp with braided cable /yellow/

Kobe lamps
Kobe lamps /pistachio, wine red, denim/


We can provide You with simple pendant sets:

Braided cable lamp with porcelain lamp socket
Braided cable lamp with porcelain lamp socket /blue/


Technical details for our most popular cables:

  • Materials: copper, PVC & polyester, cotton, linen or cotton-linen mix
  • Number of cores: 2
  • Insulation type: double PVC
  • Outer diameter: 8 mm
  • CSA mm²: 0.75 mm²
  • Safe temperature range: -15 to +70 ºC
  • Compatible with unearthed light fittings